Announcement on short-listed participants


Of the Competition Organizing Board on the Short – list of formal participants

August 16th 2016

  The COB is pleased to announce that the following teams are short-listed, and are cordially invited to formally participate in the next step of the above-mentioned Competition. (The short-list is in A-Z order of names in abriviation).

TT Participant Abriviation Nation
1. Joint –operations of 
AS Architecture Studio & VHA Architecture
AS & VHA France
2. Joint –operations of 
Belt Collins International (HK) Limited & College of Landscape Architecture and Interior Design, Vietnam National University of Forestry.
BC & VCQ China (HongKong) – Vietnam
3. CPG Consultants Pte Ldt CPG Singapore
4. Joint –operations of 
S.A.S Deso Architects – Urbanists & Phytolab landscape & S.A Hydratec & Tedi South & Atek consultant corp
DESO France
5. Eight - Japan Engineering Consultamts Inc EJEC Japan
6. GMP International GmbH GMP Germany
7. Group GSA Pty Ltd GSA Australia
8. Joint –operations of 
ICN Design International Pte L.t.d & Studio Milou Singapore Pte L.t.d
ICN & SM France
9. Nikken Sekkei Civil Engineering Ltd NS Japan
10. Joint –operations of 
OMG - Designers & Boydens & Hydroscan & Huni Architect & Ney and Partners
OMG Belgium – France
11. Samoo Architects & Engineers SAMOO Korea
12. Joint –operations of 
Vietnam Industrial & Urban Construction Consultancy J.S.C – Danang Branch
VCC & CiAR Vietnam (Danang)

  The preparation of proposal of the participant teams is counted from August 16th 2016 through October 15th as informed in the Competition Schedule.
The COB will keep the participating teams updated via email and website
Once again, congratulations and we look forwards to receiving your excellent proposal soon.


On behalf of the Head of the COB
Deputy Head
Nguyen Ngoc Tuan